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JUNE 8, 2018
Layer VII
New Layer track. Live and unedited performance using hardware only. This is the continuation of the previous Layer tracks (Cocoon of red light and Layer VI) produced in the same way.

Matières Hybrides
Audiovisual interactive performance.

Quiet City
Music for modular synthesizer and prepared piano.

AUGUST 13, 2016
Look back and new release announced
This is summer. Warm weather, longer days and clear night skies. A good time to look back.

Following the release of « Stern und Opium » we organized an evening at Console with Babylone Chaos and Isothesis feat. dancer Biliana Fouilhoux. This event was very special to me, close to intimate.

Then I was commissioned a six hour remix of the Mahler symphonies. This was challenging, especially because I had only ten days to produce it. But in the end I’m happy with the result. This is slower than ever, closer to what one can hear through silence, I hope.

From mid-June to early July I was part of the Manifeste festival, here in Paris. Having a chance to create a piece with Ircam is quite something, I tried to enjoy every moment of it while learning a lot. I took this opportunity to explore new directions and address myself new challenges. I feel very grateful for this enlightening experience and for meeting so many talented people through it.

So, from March to July, it’s been very intense! ...

... and all of a sudden it was the eye of the storm: calm, quiet and sunny. I decided to take unfinished tracks — stuff I start to work on but have to put aside due to higher priorities — to completion while enjoying the summer, travelling around with a laptop and a pair of headphones. As everything went smoothly, I rapidly envisioned to put seven pieces together for a new release: « Quiet City ». What those tracks have in common is the extensive use of my modular synth. I’ve been assembling and using this modular synth for a few years now and most of these tracks started as nocturnal explorations with it. In the end, 90% of the sounds in « Quiet City » come from the modular. The result is almost purely electronic soundscapes, near minimalistic music with incursions of a prepared piano. « Quiet City » will be digitally released soon.

DECEMBER 15, 2015
Live session recorded @ Instants Chavirés
I recorded my live set of December 8th at Instants Chavirés. Get it from my Bandcamp page!

For this live session, I went back to a more "analog oriented" sound, using more of the machines and less of the computer, also experimenting with a tape deck.
I don't like to play too loud but I love a deep, wall-shaking, low end - and this is what you get here. Turn up the volume and dive in : granulated field recordings, heavy drones and scattered textures are the main ingredients for this improvisation.

AUGUST 31, 2015
New album - out this week
Stern und Opium is to be released this week on the great label Steelwork Maschine / Steelkraft Manufactory. The album can be purchased here!

JUNE 24, 2015
Drones and Fragments #1
This track is a live session performed using (NI) Reaktor. The later has become my main interface for live, based around various granular and additive processes (hence the title of the track).

So this mix of textures has surfaced while exploring combinations of sounds for layering. No post-process added, recorded straight out of Reaktor.

MAY 17, 2015
Drone Music Day
May 9th is the National Drone Day in Canada. Here is my contribution to this great initiative, in the form of a drone piece performed on a modular synthesizer.

"Drifting in B" was performed live (no overdub) and is unedited. The patch is mainly based on the Livewire Dalek and a feedback loop with the Intellijel Korgasmatron II.

During the past few years, modular synthesizers have made a strong comeback. This instrument is now a major piece in my workflow as it allows me to produce complex and rich textures that will then "feed" other processes. But for this very piece I decided to use the modular alone, barely processed...

APRIL 8, 2015
Stern und Opium
The new Isothesis album is DONE. Visuals, masters, everything, I'm very happy with it! Stern und Opium features deep textural ambiances, deleuzian soundscapes and myriads of drones with a lush sound production. To be released this year on Steelwork Maschine (Steelkraft Manufactory).

MARCH 12, 2015
Layer VI
Layer VI is a new track available on Bandcamp exclusively. As for the album Cocoon of red light this track was recorded using live hardware sources only. No computer involved! It was a great feeling to make music this way again - no screen, the smell of warm electronic components... I set the machines and delved into a seventeen minute drone journey made of drones slowly drifting towards noisy textures.

For now this track is only available as digital dowload (including .wav and .flac) and won't be on the upcoming album!

FEBRUARY 26, 2015
Abstract video / sound design
During the past few months I've been really busy finishing my PhD. Now this is done, I can chill a bit. So I picked this very nice video made by Cyril Coudert and decided tu build a new soundtrack for it, over a couple of days.

My main intentions were to accompany the textural work made by Cyril while building an audio dramaturgy (like a trailer). It was a lot of fun to make, the soundtrack features many different audio sources, from field recordings to granular synthesis and a analog modular synthesizer. I then introduced the result to Cyril who liked it enough to send me his original export for publication. So here it is! And I took this opportunity to create a YouTube channel for Isothesis.

JUNE 23, 2014
News and plans
A new section - Sound design - has been added and is devoted to various projects we are involved in. Our contributions range from sound design to procedural audio tools design. We will update this page frequently as there are several ongoing projects presented here!

What about a new album? Yes. Nothing is decided yet but the material is currently being finalized.

APRIL 4, 2013
Imaginary film
New track. A journey made of drones and clusters. Somehow, this piece has to be dedicated to Éliane Radigue. It should be part of an upcoming album.
As always, headphones or quality speakers recommended. Play it f*****g loud!

FEBRUARY 2, 2013
Oldie exhumed
Deep Field Pixel is an unreleased track, recorded a few years ago. What's in it? Drones, noises, self-recorded choirs through MF-102, post-serial patterns, live analog mixing... fragments of distant stars, dreams.
Wishing you a pleasant and safe journey.

NOVEMBER 16, 2012
In Utero
Here is a video from the In Utero Performance created at 59 Rivoli for La Nuit Blanche. Thanks to Sandra for the pictures and editing.

NOVEMBER 1, 2012
Pure Data + Doepfer A-100
These two seem to get along pretty well. Sequencing the A-100 rig with Pd.

OCTOBER 15, 2012
Some live sound
Here is an excerpt from the In Utero Veritas live performance created at 59 Rivoli for La Nuit Blanche event.

OCTOBER 11, 2012
Upcoming performance
The performance In Utero Veritas, created for La Nuit Blanche will take place for the second time at the 59 Rivoli galery, Paris. This 25 minute improvisation is part of the Dans le ventre des femmes exhibition proposed by Maïa Brami. The performance is based on a text written by Karin Bernfeld and is accompanied by dancer Biliana Fouilhoux.

in utero veritas


MAY 12, 2012
Listen to the 2007 record.